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Almost finished?

Beautiful Mess: Almost finished?

I “test drove” at least 5 themes before coming back around to the one I was using when my site went splat. All the rest didn’t have the look I wanted (ie not enough columns) and some of them were layouts and I’m sure there’s a way to use them on WP, I wasn’t up to taking the time to figure it out right now.

I changed up the header *points up*, changed the link colors, gotten Filezilla…

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UGH with a double HELL

Beautiful Mess: UGH with a double HELL

UGH! My last post (before this one) shows as being from the end of October instead of being from just a week or so ago. My site got hit by some exploit thing and basically deleted itself. My installation of WordPress was completely gone (but all the files were still there in the file manager). So I had to re-install WP, but the last backup I did of my posts and everything was back the end of…

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April 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

Beautiful Mess: April 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

April is here, but Mother Nature still isn’t too sure about that. It’s 69° out and the sun is shining, but last week it was raining like crazy.

I hope you enjoy this month’s wallpaper freebie. It was made using various digital scrapbooking kits. The swirly yellow background is from 2 Peas Sprightly kit. The Mark Twain quote is from JSpraque’s Strawberry Lemonadekit. The flowers and butterfly’s…

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AncestryDNA House Party

Beautiful Mess: AncestryDNA House Party #genealogy #ancestryDNA

I already posted this over on my family tree/research website, but wanted to share it here as well. I was selected to host an AncestryDNA Family History House Party!

I’ll  be receiving the DNA kit in the next couple weeks and then once it’s received back at the lab it’ll take another 6-8 weeks before I get the results, so the party isn’t even scheduled until around the beginning of June. 


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